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  • Gerhard Those nine clients might well be "professional traders" as defined by the administrator in its update today. Should the nine clients mentioned here are indeed... KPMG confirms: Alpari UK's clients have to repay negative balances
  • ardy terima kasih untuk LeapRate , yang selalu update tentang alpari UK. tolong pantau selalu setiap perkembangan yang ada, kalian satunya website yang aku harapkan. thanks... KPMG confirms: Alpari UK's clients have to repay negative balances
  • high thank you for LeapRate, which is always updated about alpari UK. please monitor any developments always there, you only website that I expected. thanks again KPMG confirms: Alpari UK's clients have to repay negative balances
  • Kevin Murphie Actually the answer is "yes" if you are an A book broker. This is because all trades are passed into the market so essentially the... IC Markets cited in Australia press for 'fake margin calls'
  • Danny Ainsworth Their clients must live in a cocoon. Dont they understand what happened? Banks, brokers and their clients lost alot of money and they are claiming... IC Markets cited in Australia press for 'fake margin calls'
  • Forex Trader Honestly speaking, I wonder who would acquire Alpari and immediately after purchasing risk loosing at least half of the client equity? I feel very sad... IronFX Global in talks to acquire Alpari UK out of administration - LeapRate Exclusive

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