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  • O.M.G. Power consumption rate of less than 0.52 µ-Joules/message & VOIP-switchboards really make the difference ... It's all about speed: Algo Logic lanches ultra low latency system for datacenters
  • Natalia Just with the fact that when speaking to CommexFx customer care the other day and we got disconnected, the support person phoned me up to... LeapRate Exclusive: CommexFX launches JForex platform at Jordan FX expo
  • brendon what happened? 6/6/14
  • Gerald Segal Seems like things are 'bad' right now for many FX brokers, whether from the US, Europe, Australia, or Russia (we're just about to post Alpari... Investors catch on to low FX volatility and dump shares of Retail FX Brokers
  • forexclient How do you think the low volatility/volume would affect brokers in this market? How bad is it? would it cause any brokers run out of... Investors catch on to low FX volatility and dump shares of Retail FX Brokers
  • sgleahy Interesting concept. Rather than take the nominal value of the base currency of the trading account and expose that amount of base currency as being... Not all leverage is equally risky - Darwinex explains D-Leverage video

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