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  • Vikramaditya Use your real name, paki. When Nadim Shravan(a muslim singer) killed Gulshan kumar(CEO of T-Series, who used to sing religious hindu songs), did anybody say... TradeNext co-owner Jagjit Singh arrested in India on swindling charges surrounding Crown Credit Cooperative Society
  • Leocw "From one pair, this profit is minimal, and it is unnecessary to try to make it greater than the spread". If the pair is opened... Guest Editorial: Hedging FX in a Complicated World
  • LeapRate Staff Hi Awareness. Our article at showed our analysis of what FXCM shareholders will get depending on what price FXCM ultimately fetches. It doesn't predict... FXCM shares drop 8% on first day after reverse split (and account hack)
  • michael So many unregulated brokers go on to screw the little guy to make a buck. That's why I moved on to Nadex broker and forex-refined... British Columbia's regulator warns against binary options broker OptiCrown
  • AwarenessForex If LeapRate analysis was correct, then the stock price should eventually fall to below $4/share. they cannot [reverse] split it again, can they? FXCM shares drop 8% on first day after reverse split (and account hack)
  • ken Is this because of their Plus 500 type KYC policy ??? ETX Capital replaces its CFO - Andrew Woolley hired from Moneycorp

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