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  • GK @Gerhard And unlike Forexmagnates, the only unbiased source that is not servising the interests of previously big, now bankrupt brokers Alpari UK Confidential Information Memorandum details - LeapRate Exclusive
  • BongoMan Thanks for the information. I need my money back as soon as possible, But know KPMG as a company that will drag it feet as... Alpari UK Confidential Information Memorandum details - LeapRate Exclusive
  • bestforex Forex trading success depends on your trading routine. It is great to see what top-notch analysts think. At the end of the day, that is... A peak inside LMAX's daily forex research report 'Global FX Insights'
  • J Samuel we were very disappointed in the service of the main FCA is now being handled by KPMG .. their service was very slow and not... Alpari UK Confidential Information Memorandum details - LeapRate Exclusive
  • Bamir Prakatau yes, you are right Alpari UK Confidential Information Memorandum details - LeapRate Exclusive
  • Andrew Saks McLeod Craig- If there are uninformed traders who do not understand the market, and they lose their funds due to making losing trades, that is one... IC Markets cited in Australia press for 'fake margin calls'

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