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  • pitor.k Brokers regulated in New Zealand are usually dodgy anyway. Look at all the dodgy Russian brokers that had New Zealand pseudo offices. As a general... New Zealand's regulator orders deregistration of 28 firms from FSPR in fiscal year 2015
  • Rimantas Petrauskas Forex Signal space really needs to evolve into a legitimate investment vehicle. What I recommend to my students is that they should focus on becoming... Paul Towne prepares to launch new FX signals and managed accounts provider - Back Bay Markets
  • LeapRate Staff We agree with you Igneous. It is indeed a very optimistic assumption. Our main point in the article, however, is that EVEN if the rose-colored... (Mis)understanding FXCM's $500 million 1H loss and valuation
  • igneous11 That is a very rose-colored assumption to make with a company like FXCM, which operates on anemic profits and falling revenues due to the forced... (Mis)understanding FXCM's $500 million 1H loss and valuation
  • igneous11 The FXCM deal is unique to FXCM. FXCM has it's own financial realities, which have nothing to do with KCG. Apples and oranges, square peg,... (Mis)understanding FXCM's $500 million 1H loss and valuation
  • Hendrik I agree that brokers like Titan FX should be suspended if they break Japanese forex trading rules but the real issue here is that retail... New Zealand's regulator orders deregistration of 28 firms from FSPR in fiscal year 2015

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