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  • Tim Excellent way for Sabet to strip cash out of LCG..... London Capital Group shareholders pass all Sabet Group resolutions
  • fang Best FX firm in the world!! IronFX Global UK Ltd granted with the Variation of Permission from the FCA
  • Michael Ironfx is one of the few brokers that operates professionally and one i would seriously consider trading with. More regulation hopefully means more transparency and... IronFX Global UK Ltd granted with the Variation of Permission from the FCA
  • Optimized Sense Ltd As an official partner and distributor for the VertexFX Trading Platform, we are very proud seeing such expanding to the platform all over the world.... Hybrid Solutions aims to widen distribution of VertexFX platform
  • Gerald Segal Thanks for the clarification Jason. FXCM opens waiting list for single-share CFDs
  • Jason Rogers Hi Andrew, The new CFD shares offering will be separate from the Phoenix platform, and offered on our Trading Station and MT4 platforms. The list... FXCM opens waiting list for single-share CFDs

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