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  • J L I've been saying it for 6 months already..... Nobody wants to listen. The hope to make a few extra bucks and the gambling mentality of... Plus500 share price down 39% in several minutes
  • Paul L I don't hope they are charged with fraud etc.; their principals have already saved much of their profits stolen from clients who should have been... Plus500 share price down 39% in several minutes
  • Paul L They are not Israeli; while they are owned by Jews, their owners worship and serve Satan. Have you not read Hitchcock's online book, The Synagogue... Plus500 share price down 39% in several minutes
  • Paul L I traded with Plus500 in London on a personal basis, for a year or so. In spite of fighting very hard to recover my investment,... Plus500 share price down 39% in several minutes
  • Andrew Saks McLeod Ken - that doesnt make sense. If they were a bucket shop, who would they owe the negative balances to? FXCM takes over majority of FX accounts of CitiFX Pro
  • ken Oh Andrew, they more or less invented the practice.....check the fines.....still don't see them being with us much longer. FXCM takes over majority of FX accounts of CitiFX Pro

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