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  • Oren So? GKFX hires Owen Purssell as FX Risk & Solutions Analyst
  • Vitor Isn't this what the so called HFT algoritms are doing since many years ? Could one man cause 2010 flash crash from his living room in Hounslow?
  • kashif bhutta Dear, can u make a blog of alpari 'a negligence as alpari keep doing there bussiness from another site, I am sure you also saw... KPMG has charged $6 million in administrator fees to Alpari UK insolvency, expects total take of $7-8 million
  • Weronika I trade on this platform for a month now so I come back to tell you what I think. I think it is very good.... IronFX launches new Multi-Asset Trader CFD platform
  • Tom Wonderfull!! I love how innovative Trace Interceptor is, there mobile platform rocks. I've been looking for something like this for quite a while. Thanks allot... Trade Interceptor releases a free online trading simulator for mobiles
  • ken Absurd....US desperate for a foreign scapegoat - even though the CME says the futures market wasn't the cause and the UK courts bowing down to... Flash crash trader gets strict £5 million bail, faces August extradition hearing

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