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  • Andrew Saks McLeod It is becoming increasingly of interest to FX firms to start looking at exchange-type models. One of the biggest reasons for retail FX not going... Interactive Brokers Australia ordered to halt Forex services
  • IB Customer Well I think that Andy does have a point. Forex doesnt have a centralised exchange - it is an interbank market and is regulated by... Interactive Brokers Australia ordered to halt Forex services
  • MJF IMO, FxPro is an excellent broker, it's a best-of-breed firm for retail and professional traders. I am sure they will build up their UK operations... FxPro UK sees revenues drop in 2014, but manages to cut expenses
  • BillyD No they're not! This is just their UK sub, which is tiny in the overall picture. Not the parent company. And if the SNB did... FxPro UK sees revenues drop in 2014, but manages to cut expenses
  • John This is the German way. Get used to it. Commerzbank sued by former director over allegations of "boys club" environment within FX hedge fund division
  • Moses Bankrupt. Hit extremely hard by the SNB FxPro UK sees revenues drop in 2014, but manages to cut expenses

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