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  • Nimrod Vanderbilt Guys.. Forexmax's license didn't expire.... the FSA license is lsited as expired due to switching to the newly formed regulator, the FCA. All FSA licensed... WSJ: Suspended UK-FCA FX World under investigation by City of London Police
  • james if cysec where to fine IronFX, IronFX would collapse immediately. CySEC issues €22,000 fine to Banc de Binary for insufficient Anti-Money Laundering systems
  • china hahaha. IronFX? are they still around or have they been dissolved by the ceo's desperation to sell the company (or whatever is left) to literally... CME Group, FTSE Russell partner on index derivatives offering
  • Michael Yet another record for an excellent investment firm. I think they have by now surpassed FXCM as the world's most fined broker. Keep up the... CySEC issues €22,000 fine to Banc de Binary for insufficient Anti-Money Laundering systems
  • Arthur Hi Gerald, You seem to know everything about IronFX... Can you tell us please what is happening with their IPO plans? 8 months or so... CME Group, FTSE Russell partner on index derivatives offering
  • Aud Knowing this bunch of cowboys, someone at FC Chiasso must have lost a lot of money to them punting.. what a nonsense sponsorship AFX Capital adds another sports sponsorship with Swiss football club FC Chiasso

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